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Used Piano Guide

If you Don’t Know Pianos Know your Piano Man

Buying a Used Piano privately is ill-advised and costly.
What appears to be a rare bargain may prove a real liability.
Unless you have experience and knowledge of pianos, your best assurance is to rely on the judgement of an experienced dealer in your area, and here at Gamlins we have a proven record of integrity and fair dealing.

It is unwise to pick up an old piano privately, as a poor piano can discourage a child, and is a questionable investment incurring costly transportation and repairs.

Even a top-branded piano such as Steinway, Bluthner, or Bechstein is not necessarily a guarantee of condition. The same problems apply.

It is worth remembering that the cause of some problems in older pianos arise from modern day central heating. However, new pianos are designed for the modern home.

Here are just a few of the many danger areas encountered when a non-expert piano buyer purchases a piano from a private party.

1. Frame - Maybe cracked or broken which renders the piano useless.
2. Strings - Rusty treble strings. Bass strings maybe “Tired” and “Tubby” therefore totally devoid of tone.
3. Sounding Board - Maybe cracked, or even worse having lost it’s crown to become tonally deficient.
4. Ribs - May be broken or pulled away from the soundboard.
5. Bridges - May have lost proper bearing, or be broken, split or cracked, necessitating a major expense
6. Tuning Pins - Maybe Loose, or “Doped” and require oversized pins or new pin block, thus making the piano totally untunable.
7. Pin Block - Could be split and is very costly to repair. This is often concealed, so experienced judgement is required.
8. Actions - Maybe literally worn out rendering the piano useless. If rebushing is required, this is very costly.
9. Hammers - Maybe worn out or improperly filed so as to require replacement. Another costly repair.
10. Trap Work - The internal leverage of the expression pedals may need complete overhauling.

We hope that the information and advice contained in this leaflet has been helpful to you in making that right choice.

At Gamlins all our used piano come with a 1-5 year guarantee giving you peace of mind.

Gamlins Music Centre has over 50yrs experience in the piano industry.