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The Importance Of A Set-Up

Many guitar shops don't do any set-up work on their instruments. Some will try to persuade you that it's not necessary, but in our experience this just isn't true!

Why? If you pick up most guitars "straight from the box", you will often find they are uncomfortable to play. In many cases, the strings are a long way from the fretboard, making it hard work to hold them down, and causing a fretted chord to sound out of tune even if the open strings are tuned correctly.

Sometimes the strings are too close to the fingerboard, causing fret-buzz and unwanted rattling noises, and sometimes there are rough fret ends that dig into your fingers. Occasionally there are more serious problems, where a well-trained eye will spot that the guitar is not fit for sale and needs to be returned to the manufacturer.

ALL our guitars are set up and inspected thoroughly by our luthiers before sale, so that they play as well as they possibly can when you buy them.

Our basic set-up charge for a guitar bought elsewhere is around £40, yet we carry out this work for free even on the cheapest instruments we sell. Whilst spending £40 of luthiers' time on an instrument worth a little over £100 might seem like commercial suicide(!), we have found that once a customer has bought from us once, they come back again and again - so in the long run, everyone benefits.