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3V Violin Rosin



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The Hidersine 3V Violin or Viola Rosin is a step up from the 'Junior' line of rosins. This medium coloured and cloth mounted rosin is ideal for the progressing violinist. It suitable for both, violin and viola and offers great quality at an affordable price. The Hidersine 3V Violin or Viola Rosin is a good all round medium Rosin of student quality. This rosin is made in the UK and comes in a tin making it less likely to break. It is a light amber rosin that goes onto the bow easily and lasts well. It comes wrapped in a small piece of cloth so you can rosin your bow without getting sticky fingers. Hidersine 3V Violin or Viola Rosin is the most popular premium made UK rosin. In 1876, Dr. Hider - a Swiss chemist and violinist working in London - became frustrated with the lack of decent rosins available. Subsequently, combining his knowledge of chemistry and music, he decided to develop his own. So Hidersine Rosin was born. On the Shropshire/Welsh Borders, the Hidersine Company still manufacture the full range of Hidersine Rosin to the same exacting standards and specific recipe Dr. Hider specified over 130 years ago.

The Hidersine 3V Violin or Viola Rosin features:

o Medium size 20gms, clear amber cake
o On flannelette
o Presented in protective metal case.