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Alto ZMX 52 5-Channel Compact Mixer

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The Alto ZEPHYR ZMX52 Channel Compact Mixer is an 5-channel mixer with just the right about of inputs, outputs, and EQ for solo gigs and multimedia studios. The Alto ZEPHYR ZMX52 features one mono channel with a microphone input (with Phantom Power), balanced TRS input, and a two-band EQ and a stereo channel. It also delivers two stereo channels with two balanced TRS inputs each. There's even two-track inputs for things such as audio playback. The ZEPHYR ZMX52 is the swiss army knife your creative life needs. Not only can you can plug dynamic, condenser, and wireless microphones into the first channel, but you also get two stereo channel inputs for keyboards, drum machines, and other instruments. What's more, you can easily plug in your MP3 player, CD players, or audio from a DVD player into the CD/TAPE input. But, you also have a dedicated stereo output to send to a recorder in addition to the main stereo outputs! Choose the ZEPHYR ZMX52 as the audio central command for your live performances, home studio, or video suite.

The is an 5-channel mixer with just the right about of inputs, outputs, and EQ for solo gigs and

* 8 total inputs
* One MIC input channel with gold plated XLR and balanced Line input
* Two stereo input channels with balanced TRS jack
* Extremely high headroom offering extra dynamic range
* Ultra-low noise discrete MIC pre-amps with +15V Phantom power
* Balanced inputs for highest signal integrity and low-noise operation
* Warm, natural 2-band EQ on mono channel
* Peak LEDs on each channel
* 2-Track inputs with level control assignable to main mix, headphone outputs
* Highly accurate 4-segment bar graph meters