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You are here: Home > Sound Reinforcement > Active PA Speakers > FBT Evo2MaxX 4a - 400W + 100W RMS Active Speaker EvoMaxX 4a EvoMaxX 4a 400W + 100W RMS 130dB SPL Processed Active Speaker

FBT Evo2MaxX 4a - 400W + 100W RMS Active Speaker EvoMaxX 4a EvoMaxX 4a 400W + 100W RMS 130dB SPL Processed Active Speaker



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The FBT Evo2MaxX 4a - 400W + 100W RMS 130dB SPL Active Speaker - The Evolution of an International Best Seller - Evolving from the FBTMaxX Series of loudspeakers, FBT EvoMaxX speakers feature new woofers and even lighter, more powerful Class D amplifiers with an extremely low noise floor. An EvoMaxX digital signal processor with four presets also provides quick equalization contours for any acoustically challenging venue. But alongside these key performance and portability improvements, FBT has been inspired to develop the EvoMaxX Series by one very important goal: offering the customer more value for the money. EvoMaxX’s lightweight yet sturdy polypropylene cabinets feature a monitor taper designed to ensure that they perform with excellence no matter whether they are used at front of house for a main sound system, as stage floor monitors or within permanent installations. Additional options are also available for extending low frequency response in the shape of the SUBLine 12Sa, 15Sa and 18Sa, all of which boast birch plywood enclosures with 15'' band-pass and 18” reflex designs respectively.

The Evo2MaxX 4a - 400W + 100W RMS Active Speaker main features,

* Sturdy, gas-injected polypropylene molded enclosures, engineered to prevent undesired resonance.
* Ultra-light woofers custom made for FBT with a weather resistant coating, allows covered outdoor applications.
* B&C HF compression drivers.
* Latest Class D, 400W LF and 100W HF power amplifiers with high efficiency switch mode power supplies.
* New Digital Signal Processor with 4 EQ Presets
* Advanced filter algorithms including dynamic equalization at low frequencies and advanced energy control to allow high SPL while always granting reliable and distortion-free audio reproduction
* An increase in total SPL thanks to FBT’s new digital limiter algorithms and increased amplifier power·output.
* Ergonomic carrying handles, M10 fly points, top-hat speaker stand socket and monitor application ensure superb versatility for live sound events and permanent installations.
* FBT’s new Digital Signal Processor with 4 factory equalization presets provides simple and efficient EQ adjustment. Extensive tests in our anechoic chamber went into the development of these presets to optimize the EvoMaxX speakers for use for numerous applications: 4 speakers in one!

· ORIGINAL: corresponds to the typical ‘MaxX’ sound for use in general applications

· FLOOR: the EvoMaxX immediately becomes an ideal stage monitor

· VOCAL: provides increased intelligibility and presence for vocals and speech

· WARM: provides a full bodied response to the lowmid frequencies and less aggressive on the highs

EvoMaxX 4a

400W + 100W RMS 130dB SPL Processed Active Speaker

· 2-way, bi-amplified, bass reflex design cabinet

· 320mm (12'') LF woofer with 64mm (2.5'') voice coil, custom made for FBT

· 25mm (1'') exit throat B&C HF compression driver

· Frequency response from 50Hz to 20 kHz

· Biamped: 400w RMS LF, 100w RMS HF, Class D power amplifiers with switch mode power supplies

· Digital Signal Processor with 4 Equalization Presets

· Control Panel: features balanced XLR/Jack input and XLR link out, Volume, EQ Presets, HP Filter, 3 status LED indicators

· 90°H x 60°V Constant Directivity Horn

· Sturdy gas-injected polypropylene molded enclosure with two integrated handles and Stage Floor Monitor taper

· 4 x M10 suspension points, 35mm (1?'') top-hat speaker stand socket, wall bracket mount flange plate

· Enclosure suitable for stacking