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Gordon Smith GS 1 Heritage - Cherry Gloss Top



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The Gordon Smith GS1 Heritage guitar range is a new series of guitars, designed to continue what makes Gordon Smith Guitars sound, feel, and play so great. Made in England as they always have been, they also showcase new and improved wood and built quality, and feature practical modernisations to make these guitars a great choice for any guitarist. Just as capable of satisfying a Gordon Smith connoisseur as it is of making a lasting impression on a new generation of player

The Gordon Smith GS 1 Heritage - Cherry Gloss Top features,


The GS1 Heritage features a Homewound Humbucker Pickup. Wound in-house they have been a feature of Gordon Smith guitars for decades, offering rich crunch, chiming cleans to soaring lead sounds, and these have also been improved with even better quality components and magnet materials. The GS1 Heritage features simple but effective electronics, with a single volume control which doubles as a Push Pull coil tap, and a tone control for taming the highs, and mellowing the tone. The GS1 Heritage is finished in classic NATURAL SATIN , the rear of the guitar and neck is finished with a natural satin, for a slick and silky smooth playing feel.The wraparound bridge bar features adjustable screws, which makes tweaking the intonation easy.


With a thick, double cutaway solid body, made of richly grained Mahogany, the guitar has a satisfying weight and balance, and great resonance. The neck, just as the body, is hand carved for immediate comfort, and features a Classic profile. This should feel great for those looking for a medium profile, not thick, but not too slim and flat either. The Rosewood fingerboard is inlaid with dot markers, and the fretwork is simply superb, with a smooth polished feel when performing bends. A unique feature for Gordon Smith Guitars is they feature Hand Cut Brass Nut's. The are not only tough, but offer great tonal benefits, increasing brightness and sustain.

The guitar also comes complete in a Gordon Smith Hard Case, with full certification.Looking back to the guitars that started it all in 1974, the GS1 Heritage is a modern recreation of a classic Gordon Smith guitar. These are the guitars that powered Punk, were used and abused by British Rock, thrashed by Grunge and were the cornerstone of Indie.

Each guitar is made from a 44mm thick single-piece mahogany body and single-piece set neck featuring the unique Gordon Smith tone pocket.

Gordon Smith pioneered the coil-split humbucker in the 1970s and the design combines with our unique GS tone circuit to make these deceptively simple guitars super flexible. Each homewound Gordon Smith pickup is made on the same machine and to the same specification as the 1974 originals: the pickup that started a punk-rock revolution.

Every Heritage guitar is hand-built by a team of highly skilled luthiers using individually selected tone woods at our workshop in the heart of England.
Gordon Smith are the UK’s longest running electric guitar manufacturer.

We were founded in 1974 by Gordon Whitham and John Smith and since then Gordon Smith Guitars have powered some of the world’s most famous bands spanning several decades of popular music.


* Gordon Smith GS1 Heritage Cherry Features:
* Rosewood Fretboard
* GS Tone Circuit
* Homewound Split-Coil GS Humbucker
* 18:1 Tuners
* Includes GS Hard Case
* Made in England