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Seymour Duncan Whole Lotta Humbucker Set SH 18



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When Seymour Duncan lived in London in the early '70s, he created custom pickups for Jeff Beck, the Who, Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd, Thin Lizzy, Jack Bruce, Jimmy Page, and many other legends.

One of the era's biggest sounds was a vintage Les Paul® pumped through a Marshall® amp. When Seymour worked on those great old guitars for a client, he liked to rewind the pickups with 42-gauge plainenamel wire. He'd also insert sand-cast Alnico magnets with a better-balanced magnetic field, which made the B and high E sound as powerful as the other strings. This modified pickup had greater output and a higher frequency response, which really made those big amps sing.

''I have such great memories of living in London, so I'm thrilled to be producing this pickup exclusively for the U.K'' - Seymour Duncan

The Whole Lotta Humbucker set is an exact replica of these special pickups. The 8.78k DC resistance for the bridge pickup, 8.20k for the neck, custom winding pitch, and a calibrated sand-cast Alnico magnet. It provides all the warmth, character, and intensity of the classic British-rock humbucker. The pickups use four-conductor wire, so players can access all possible phase-reversal and coil-tap options.

The Whole Lotta Humbucker is hand-built exclusively for the United Kingdom in Santa Barbara, California, USA.

Wiring schematics and mounting hardware are included