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Fender Tbx Tone Control



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Fender Tbx Tone Control - (099 2052 000)

This is a NEW Fender TBX Tone Control Pot found in the Eric Clapton Preamp Mid Boost Kit or Clapton Artist Series Strat.

Included in package: Pot, Knob, instructions, washers, nut, 022 Cap. and 1 meg resistor.
Fender Part Number: 099-2052-000

A cool upgrade for any electric with passive pickups.

The Fender TBX Tone Control will also work in place of any standard tone control on any guitar with passive pickups. Some American Standard Strats are equipped with this tone control to cut either treble or bass instead of the standard style that attenuates treble only. When the ycontrol is set at the centered detent, it is off. Turning the control one way cuts treble; the other way cuts bass. The TBX can be also be wired as a master treble/bass control.