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Dr Green Life Support- Compressor Pedal



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The Dr. Green 'Life Support' Compressor Pedal - The Life Support smoothes out your tone, compressing high input signals whilst boosting low input signals without degrading your original tone. It is perfect for searing solos and adding dynamics to clean rhythm tones. Input and Master controls allow the player to perfectly match The Life Support to their volume requirements.

The Dr. Green 'Life Support' Compressor Pedal - main features.

* Input, Sustain and Master Volume controls.
* Backed by a limited 5 year warranty
* Hand-made boutique quality
* True Bypass

Going right back to the early days of rock and roll British companies have been instrumental (sorry) in defining guitar tone. Having worked on effects for over 20 years Dr. Green know this better than anyone and so came up with a range of quality boutique pedals to fly the flag for Great British tone.

* Dr. Green Pedals - Handmade In The UK

Hidden away in the Essex countryside, Dr Green has been designing and building worldclass guitar and bass amplifiers in the UK for over 20 years. Now in conjunction with bass amplifier giants Ashdown Engineering, he has produced a range of hand-made, boutique pedals that stand out from the crowd in both appearance and tone. Months of research and development have resulted in five very special bass effects pedals that are sure to be on the wish list of every discerning bass player.