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Boss JB-2 Angry Driver w/ JHS Angry Charlie and Boss BD-2 Circuit



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The Boss JB-2 ANGRY DRIVER is Boss’ first ever collaborative pedal, designed in conjunction with JHS pedals. This is a dual overdrive pedal taking circuits from two companies and combining it into one, incredibly versatile overdrive pedal. Capable of anything from boost to all out distortion, the JB-2 features more than enough gain on tap and with separate control over both circuits you get unbelievable control over your tone. Inside the JB-2 you’ll find a modified Boss BD-2 gain circuit, Boss’ legendary overdrive in production for over 25 years and used by players all over the world and JHS’ now famous ANGRY CHARLIE high gain drive, modded and re-born into a new compact unit with three knob design. What’s special? Well Inside, you get both circuits; complete with independent LEVEL, GAIN AND TONE, thanks to Boss’ Dual concentric pot design, controls over each and well as a ton of different options for running the two together. The pedal design has been created with versatility in mind to cater for all levels of gain with high gain and low noise. You also get a feature that Boss first introduced two decades ago – Remote switching. Using a Boss Latching Footswitch gives you options to switch gain circuits on the fly or even run them in SERIES and PARALLEL. With Remote switching you could even use your switching system to change circuits automatically.

A total of six special modes means that these two overdrives can run in variety of ways to suit your style and rig;

* JHS Mode – The standard pedal turns the unit on or off and engages the Angry Charlie Circuit. Adding the remote switch means you can switch between the AC and BD circuits remotely.

* BOSS Mode – The standard pedal turns the unit on and off and engages the BD-2 Circuit. Adding the remote switch means you can switch between BD and AC circuits remotely.

* JHS/BOSS Mode – The Pedal is always on. The standard Boss foot switch then switches between the BD and AC circuits – The remote switch works as your on and off pedal.

* J-B Mode – This runs the AC into the BD circuit. The standard Boss footswitch turns the unit on and off – Adding the remote switch switches between SERIES MODE and BD Mode.

* B-J – This runs the BD into the AC circuit. The standard Boss foot switch turns the unit on and off – the remote switches between SERIES MODE and AC Mode.

* PARALLEL – This runs both circuits in Parallel – This maintains the clarity of both circuits at the same time – the remote switch then drops out the BD circuits and gives you just the AC.

Boss have also implemented different LED’s giving you Blue for Boss, Red for JHS and a special White LED when running both together making it easy for you to know what setting you are on. With a remote switch added and the six modes you basically get one of the most versatile drives on the market giving you 12 options and almost infinite possibilities.

The BD-2 gives you that legendary low gain tone, that can be used to push amps into sonic bliss and give you light, touch sensitive gain. While the Angry Charlie gives you full-on, high-gain, Plexi like tones.

All standard Boss compact features are implemented, battery powered, 9 volt input, high quality sound and legendary Boss build quality.