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Blackstar HT Tube Modulation Pedal

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The Blackstar HT Tube Modulation Pedal - No matter which modulation effect you are after you'll be able to find it within the Blackstar HT Modulation pedal. Everything from a gentle Tremolo to jet engine flange. Once you've chosen the effect you want the Slow/Fast feature allows you to change the time of each of the modulation effects whilst you are playing. You can then add real valve compression and harmonics via the unique saturation control.

The Blackstar HT Modulation Specifications

* 8 Modualation Effects
* Genuine Valve Design
* Operates at 300V HT
* Unique Saturation Control
* Manual & Slow/Fast modes
* Stereo
* Unique Switching Operation
* High Integrity Buffered Bypass
* Power Supply Included