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Fender ABY Footswitch



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The Fender ABY Footswitch - Fender’s ABY footswitch with passive switcher allows you to plug a single guitar into two amplifiers or plug two guitars into a single amplifier, making it easy and convenient to create a rig with eminent flexibility and a variety of tone options.

The Fender ABY Footswitch features,

* True hardwire bypass in the off position lets players retain their natural tone without interference or signal loss.
* “A or B” and “A and B” switching options allow for greater versatility within your rig.
* Durable metal chassis and switches withstand onstage wear and tear.
* LED illumination requires 9-volt battery or power source.

Have you ever wished that you could play your favourite guitar all night long, yet have the option to link it up with multiple amps on-stage without having to keep unplugging it during your live set? Take a look at the ABY Footswitch from Fender!

This wonderful passive switcher to play your main axe, yet take advantage of using a varirty of amps on-stage without the hassle of unplugging your set-up every time you want to change your featured amp! It doesn't stop there though... it also works in revers, enabling you to plug two guitars into one individual amplifier, giving you complete tonal versatility at the click of a switch!

Model #: 0234506000