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Schaller 445 Nickel Strap Locks



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Schaller 445 Nickel Strap Locks - A simple and extraordinarily useful gadget! Simply replace the strap buttons on your guitar with these provided by Schaller, load your strap with the locking attachment and there you go! These secure your guitar on the strap, safely avoiding that embarrassing moment mid-solo where your strap falls off! The quick release mechanism makes for easy release when needed!

A Pair of Schaller Nickel Security Guitar and Bass Guitar Strap Lock. The lock mechanism attaches to your strap. You must use the Schaller strap button included. Pull the knob on the front of the lock and a plunger moves allowing the lock to slide around the Schaller button. Release the knob, the plunger springs back and into the center cavity of the Schaller button. Your strap ain't going nowhere now!