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Alpine EAR001 Professional Ear plugs



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ALL NEW MUSICSAFE PRO Attenuating Generic Earplugs that save your ears from high music levels without blocking. If you ever suffer from tinnitus (ringing in the ears) you really do need Alpine MusicSafe Pro. These are the best generic music earplugs that we have tested in terms of attenuation characteristics, comfort and discretion. And they are our best selling earplug for music and DJ's. The filter design allows high frequencies to pass which is unique in this type of earplug - the advantage to the user is the ability of listening to the highs making the music sound natural and clean without muffling. The pack includes the earplugs, three different filter sets with different attenuation rates, an insertion tube and a storage container. The choice of which filter to use will be down to personal preference; but here is a start. The WHITE filter for low level music; typically in a pub. The SILVER filter for live gigs and clubbers, and the GOLD filter for DJ's. BUT please try them out and decide which one is best for you and the venue you are in.
If you still get RINGING IN YOUR EARS even after wearing the MusicSafe Pro, change the filter to one with a greater attenuation level.