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Beginning Bluegrass Banjo



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This DVD lesson is perfect for those who want to play three-finger style bluegrass banjo - from scratch. You may never have touched a banjo before, but that's OK. Pete (Dr. Banjo) Wernick will have you picking right from the opening minutes of this DVD. By the time you finish, you'll accompoany songs, play solos, and have a real understanding of the instrument. # Here are just some of the things you'll be learning: Basic chords, and how to use them # Slides, hammer-ons and pull-offs # Right hand 'rolls' in the three-finger bluegrass style # Finding the melody notes on the neck of the banjo, and incorporating them into roll paterns # How to play more than a dozen easy songs in the bluegrass style In short, this one DVD will give you everything you'll need to get your bluegrass banjo picking off to a great start!

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