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Techra THBAMST04 Carbon JAZZ Pro Drum Sticks



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TECHRA polymer carbon fibre drumsticks have been developed to create the best technical characteristics needed by any drummer: • Balance • Control • Stiffness • Vibration absorption • High durability TECHRA drumsticks have been designed to have the same weight as wooden sticks, are perfectly balanced and allow for good control with a very high stiffness. Moreover they are equipped with an anti-vibration device that helps to dissipate the natural vibrations of the drumsticks. These technical characteristics warrant high performance drumsticks, creating a powerful sound on the toms, rim and cymbals. The tones are very rich, well balanced and allow the drummer to experience new frontiers and enrich his performance. Perfect balance allows the drummer to have a great feeling playing any kind of music, with greater response on fast playing. As the weight of the sticks is the same as wood, you can use the same force and playing technique. There is no need to change your playing style. The anti-vibration devices reduce fatigue allowing the drummer to maintain the best performance for heavy and long shows without getting tired. The stiffness achieved with carbon fibres allows you to transmit all the power and energy required to produce great sounds. In the end, higher durability is also really cost effective.