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Groove Juice Cymbal Polish (240ML)



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When it comes to simplicity, you will be hard pressed to find a cymbal cleaning solution that is easier to use than Groove Juice. You simply spray the ''juice'' over cymbal evenly, wait approximately 1 minute, rinse off the cymbal completely and dry with a soft cloth. It's like a dream come true when you compare it with other solutions that have you scrubbing away at a single cymbal for between 5-15 minutes. These other solutions, which typically come in a cream form, are also assumed to be harder on the cymbals. I have yet to find a benefit for the wasted time and energy that the 'cream' solutions require.

Groove Juice can also be used to clean the hardware of your kit. This can include cymbal stands, tom mounts, rack gear, etc. The process for cleaning this gear includes only one extra step. Simply mix one part Groove Juice to three parts water to get an appropriated diluted mix.