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Yamaha SB7-9 Trumpet/Cornet Silent Brass



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Designed by Yamaha, the mute which has rubber grips to stay firmly inside the bell of your instrument features a microphone which relays the sounds back through the ST9 control module into your headphones. The silent brass mute blows surprisingly freely and sounds remarkably close to the natural sound of the instruments and can be used both with and without the control module.

Smaller, lighter and more portable - The silent brass system has recently been redesigned to make it more user friendly- it is now smaller and lighter.
Improved sound - Improved pitch recognition through the control module meaning that pitch remains accurate through the. The 'hiss' has also been reduced, allowing the player to hear more of themselves and less noise.
Simplified controls - The control module now has just a volume knob and an echo switch.
Aux In jack - carried across from the previous model, this allows an external sound source to be combined with the signal coming from the mute or microphone. The player can then play along with their favourite song in practice and performance settings and put the fun back in their practice sessions.
Input jack - The input jack allows a quick and easy connection to a Yamaha pickup mute for practice or to a Yamaha MC-7 instrument mic for performance.
Output/phones jack The Output/ phones jack allows the Silent Brass system to be connected to earphones for private practice, an external sound system for sound reproduction, or to a recording system for recording.