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Yamaha YCL-255S Bb Student Clarinet

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The Yamaha YCL255S Bb Clarinet is a flagship student model that will take the aspiring clarinet player well into their grades. The body of the instrument is made from ABS resin and it features nickel silver keys, resulting in superb sound production and playability. The clarinet comes supplied with a sturdy case, mouthpiece and accessories. Scroll down to see our video review of this model! Quantity Share

The new YCL-255 clarinets are the perfect start for young clarinet students
The high quality YCL255 Student clarinet from Yamaha will not fail to impress! It is one of the best instruments in the student range that will take you well into your grades. The Yamaha YCL255S possesses an excellent sound projection and clarity throughout all registers and dynamics. The body of this instrument is made of good quality matte ABS resin, designed to offer the look, sound and feel of a wooden instrument, while being robust and durable, perfect for students.

YCL255 clarinet has 17 nickel-silver keys and 6 body rings, and it is very ergonomic and lightweight, ensuring correct hand position and ease of play. Yamaha are constantly setting standards for quality, sound and craftsmanship worldwide, therefore, this is truly the student instrument you can rely on.

Features / Specification:

* ABS resin body with matte surface
* New lightweight bell
* No metal ring on bell
* Adjustable (over 12mm) thumb rest with stronger plate and bigger surface, with straight strap ring
* Bladder pads
* Mouthpiece: 4C