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Boss BC-2 Combo Drive Effects Pedal

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The Boss BC-2 Combo Drive Effects Pedal creates a classic 'AC-inspired' British combo-amp tone from a single compact pedal. Control a variety of sound-character parameters, and quickly tap into a full spectrum of tone and achieve the perfect vintage sound or dial into higher gain or cleaner tone across a wider frequency range than the classic amp could provide on its own. The BC-2's sound knob adjusts multiple parameters simultaneously across a range of zones. Smoothly transition from fat and clean tone in left zone to high-impact crunch in the upper zone and high-gain distortion in the right zone. Find your perfect classic setting or go beyond previous limits. Crank the Sound knob to the Drive position and get a creamier high-gain tone than the classic combo could provide, as if you were driving the amp with an external booster. The Boss BC-2 offers a natural and dynamic response to your picking nuances at any setting. This easy-to-use yet technically complex pedal takes you from authentic vintage tone to expanded new-generation performance and sound.

The main features of the Boss BC-2 Combo Drive Effects Pedal include:

* Wide range of tones with a single knob —from classic crisp clean and punchy crunch to creamy overdrive with long sustain and beyond
* Natural and dynamic response to picking nuance at any knob position
* Provides warm combo tones and authentic combo-amp cabinet resonance