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The Essential Collection: Classical Gold



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Capture the grandeur and power of the very best classical orchestral themes in this specially selected set of Piano solos. The anthology features celebrated melodies by the likes of Schubert, Mozart and Beethoven, as well as some of the later composers including Mahler, Tchaikovsky and Dvorak. An absolutely essential collection for any classical music lover, and a superb source of unusual Piano repertoire. Skill Level: Intermediate Grade 4-6 Songlist Adagietto (Symphony No.5 In C Sharp Minor) [Mahler, Gustav] Adagio Expressivo (Symphony No.2) [Schumann, Robert] Allegretto (Figlio Perduto - Symphony No.7) [Beethoven, Ludwig Van] Allegretto (Symphony No.3) [Brahms, Johannes] Allegro Con Brio (Symphony No.5 Op.67) [Beethoven, Ludwig Van] Allegro Moderato (Symphony No.8 'Unfinished') [Schubert, Franz] Allegro Molto (Symphony No.3 In E Flat 'Eroica') [Beethoven, Ludwig Van] Allegro Molto (Symphony No.40) [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus] Allegro Non Troppo (Symphony No.4) [Brahms, Johannes] Allegro Vivace (Symphony No.3 'The Italian') [Mendelssohn, Felix] Alloegro Molto (Symphony No.5) [Schubert, Franz] Andante (Symphony No.101 'The Clock') [Haydn, Franz Joseph] Andante (Symphony No.3 Op.90) [Brahms, Johannes] Andante (Symphony No.4 In C Minor 'Tragic') [Schubert, Franz] Andante (Symphony No.94 'The Surprise') [Haydn, Franz Joseph] Andante Cantabile (Symphony No.5) [Tchaikovsky, Piotr Ilyich] Andante Con Moto (Symphony No.3 'The Italian') [Mendelssohn, Felix] Bewegt, Nicht Zu Schnell (Symphony No.4 'Romantic') [Bruckner, Anton] Fifth Movement (Symphony No.6 'Pastoral') [Beethoven, Ludwig Van] Introduction And Allegro (Symphony No.3 'The Scottish') [Mendelssohn, Felix] Largo (Symphony No.9 In E Minor 'From The New World' Op.95) [Dvorak, Antonin] March Theme (Symphony No.6) [Tchaikovsky, Piotr Ilyich] March To The Scaffold (Symphonie Fantastique) [Berlioz, Hector] Minuet (Symphony No.39) [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus] Minuet (Symphony No.41 'Jupiter') [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus] Minuet (Symphony No.5) [Schubert, Franz] Ode To Joy (Symphony No.9 'Choral') [Beethoven, Ludwig Van] Sturmisch Bewegt (Symphony No.1 'Titan') [Mahler, Gustav]

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Instrumental Album
96 pages
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