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The Art Of Rasgueado



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The rasgeuado technique is without a doubt the most impressive and characteristic element of the flamenco guitar. Author Ioannis Anastassakis has studied and researched the rasgueado technique of every significant flamenco guitarist in the world, and has compiled his work in this book in an easy and understandable notation form, with excellent explanations of each rasgueado technique. From this book, every flamenco and non-flamenco guitarist, from aficionado to professional, can learn everything about the rasgueado technique and its interpretation. Rumba rhythms and the golpe technique are also discussed. Notation and tablature. TRADITIONAL RASGUEADOS Ornamental rasgueados The eami rasgueado 16th-note traditional rasgueados The ieami rasgueado The amii rasgueado Triplet & Sextuplet traditional rasgueados The pai rasgueado The pei rasgueado The pmi rasgueado The pmp rasgueado Quintuplet traditional rasgueados The eamii rasgueado The peami rasgueado CONTEMPORARY RASGUEADOS Triplet rasgueados The iai rasgueado The iia rasgueado The imi rasgueado The iei rasqueado The mmi rasgueado The amamami rasgueado The amamamamami rasgueado The amamamamamamamami rasgueado 16th-note rasgueados The pami rasgueado The paip rasgueado SPECIFIC PURPOSE RASGUEADOS Triplet and sextuplet rasgueados The pm rasgueado The ieamie amieam i rasgueado The iamiami rasgueado Miscellaneous other rasgueados The ami rasgueado The amiami rasgueado The amiamiami rasgueado The imae rasgueado The imaei rasgueado The peamip rasgueado The eami ieam i rasgueado The ieamii rasgueado The amiamiami rasgueado The amiimami rasgueado Final rasgueado exercise ON PRACTICING THE RASGUEADO TECHNIQUE Rasgueado Practice Outline GOLPE TECHNIQUE Golpes with the ring finger Golpes with the Thumb RUMBA PATTERNS Introduction to the Rumba Flamenca Basic Rumba patterns Pattern no. 1 Pattern no. 2 Variations on the Rumba patterns Variation no. 1 Variation no. 2 Variation no. 3 Variation no. 4

Product Number: 98405
Format: Book
ISBN: 0786649224
UPC: 796279063531
ISBN13: 9780786649228
Series: Non-Series
Publisher: Mel Bay Publications, Inc.
Date Published: 10/24/2002