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How To Rent

Our rental scheme is designed to help parents with pupils in school to learn a musical instrument. Just call in to our store in Cardiff with two proofs of ID and within ten minutes you will be a proud owner of a musical instrument.
What we have found with years of experience is that if your child has an inferior musical instrument, your child has a lot less chance of learning. The other advantages are that it will last a lot longer too...

Take the cash price of any of our student brass or woodwind instruments. Divide this price by twelve and pay three months in advance. If your child doesn't take to it, all you do is return the instrument to us and cancel the direct debit. After twelve months the instrument becomes yours.

For example: If instrument is £299, 3 months rental would be £74.74, 9 Monthly payments afterwards of £24.91.
Then the instrument is yours

Happy Listening

Please Note: The instrument is your personal responsibility, it is not insured with us. Please check with your own household policy, it could be covered.